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Characters: Seifer and Kairi
Time: After they leave Balamb Garden for Wutai
Content: The weaker half of the pair gets himself lost, so Kairi has to help him get un-lost XD.

20th-Apr-2007 09:59 pm - Confusion
Characters: Cloud and Yuffie
Time: After the comment battle on the last Quisty/Reeve chat
Content: Cloud has to step in and explain things to a certain air-headed ninja

20th-Apr-2007 09:31 pm - The Wrath of a Woman
Larxene: ...WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?Collapse )
16th-Apr-2007 12:03 am - The Odd Couple
Characters: Based on the title, make a wild guess Reeve and Quistis
Time: Um, a little while after the last chat between them, I guess Make your own conclusion
Content: A very awkward moment turns sweet  Fun Fact: this was originally just a random crack chat Hikari and I wrote when we were bored, but we liked it so much we decided to post it.

4th-Apr-2007 09:53 pm - Time For A Change
Characters: Leon and Seifer
Time: Right before Seifer leaves for Wutai
Content: The boys have a chat where they both surprisingly act like adults the entire way through.  At the end, Leon decides to stay and fix things in Balamb while Seifer goes to Wutai to fight the Septsinian.

19th-Mar-2007 10:23 pm - Friends Forever <3
Characters: Kairi and Selphie
Time: After Selphie gets her memories back
Content: Selphie talks to Kairi after the Ultimencia incident, about boys, recent events, and how hectic everything is now.

7th-Mar-2007 08:08 pm - Somewhere I Belong
Characters: Quistis, Reeve, Cait Sith
Time: After all those previous chats
Content: Quistis comes back to Edge, explains her intention to stay, her and Reeve go on an official date...and get interrupted by Cait Sith

Character(s): Hart and Cloud
Time: After Yuffie's chat with Cloud
Content: Cloud + Hart + lots of dots = cause for the readers to believe this may be a somewhat awkward or weird conversation A short check up.

Don't tell me you were expecting me to be a screeching damsel in distress...Collapse )
3rd-Mar-2007 10:43 pm - Sunshine and Storm Clouds
Characters: Cloud and Yuffie
Time: After Hart was taken
Content: A very hyper Yuffie contacts Cloud and updates him on the situation

22nd-Feb-2007 10:23 pm - All Good Things Must Come To An End
Characters: Leon and Quistis
Time: After the last few chats
Content: Quistis resigns her post in SeeD and the two discuss how to tackle the latest problems.

Follow what your heart saysCollapse )
20th-Feb-2007 06:43 pm - With You
Characters: Quistis and Aerith
Time: After the V-Day....event.
Content: The women have a polite conversation on relationships and a certain WRO member.

I don't....I don't want to hurt himCollapse )
14th-Feb-2007 09:10 pm - Duct Tape My Heart
Characters: Quistis and Reeve
Time: Valentine's Day, aka a little while after they meet up in Edge.
Content Quistis and Reeve go out on a date out for coffee on Valentine's Day. Confessions are made, and Quistis decides to go back to Balamb for a little bit to straighten herself out.

Come Back SoonCollapse )
13th-Feb-2007 11:51 am - After the Storm
Characters: Kairi and Gimpy McGimpGimp Seifer
Time: After Ultimecia left Balamb
Content: After the current threat to Garden is taken care of, Seifer contacts Kairi to make sure she's alright.

Don't princesses always get happy endings?Collapse )
9th-Feb-2007 01:23 am - Master Plans
Characters: Xeryim, Roxas
Time: After Xeryim and Roxas exchanged a couple comments on this journal.
Content: Xeryim's amused, Roxas isn't. Familiar bickering-and-blows is exchanged. Roxas lands blows on Xeryim, and Xeryim (being the creepy bastard he is,) twists it to suit his own weird intentions. Lots of anger and yelling and italics.

How do you win?Collapse )
13th-Jan-2007 08:50 pm - [SYSTEM ERROR]
Characters: Hart and Reno
Time: There was a system error. The log took place while Hart was in the potty.
Content: Them... being... oh just guh.

5th-Jan-2007 08:50 pm - Becoming a Rookie Again
Characters: Raile and Tseng
Time: Just after Sephiroth stole Hart and flew away.
Content: Raile attempts to get his job back with his pathetic excuse.

notanoobturk: In the air, as far as I can see.Collapse )
5th-Jan-2007 08:31 pm - REPLAY: I Promise!
Characters: Roxas and Namine
Time: Prior to Pride's arrival in the Prison of Worlds
Content: Namine contacts Roxas via network after arriving in Kingdom Hearts. Cuteness ensues as does irony.

thruglass: Roxas?Collapse )
4th-Jan-2007 07:39 am - Reunion of the Redheads
Characters:Reno and Raile
Time: Before/During Raile's chat with Rufus
Content: When the "new guy" comes back asking to be filled in, he finds that Reno is still just as annoying as he was before he left. [PS. Sorry for the horrible title. Dx]

Hey look! It's the new guy!Collapse )
3rd-Jan-2007 07:45 pm(no subject)
Reason Is You
Characters: Rinoa and Leon
Time: Before Leon's...talk with Ultimecia, and before the alarms go off.
Content: A few other issues are addressed, Leon gives Rinoa his necklace, and Rinoa does the same. Essentially, mild fluff~

2nd-Jan-2007 10:51 pm - Want some love with that angst?
Characters: Paine and Ienzo
Time: After Paine gets to Halloween Town
Content: Everyone's favorite goth/emo couple finally gets a hold of each other and make plans to meet in Halloween Town. Some emo-ing, some cuteness, and a touch of naughtiness at the end, so little kids watch out.

And don't even think about going after the true vampire women...Collapse )
2nd-Jan-2007 10:41 pm - Fight the Fighter
Characters: Leon and Ultimecia
Time: After Ultimecia appeared in Balamb
Content: Leon is given a "lovely" greeting from an old friend.

krazyqueenofhell: Hello again, SeeD.Collapse )
1st-Jan-2007 09:40 pm - Searchs and Snide Comments
Sword at Hand
Characters: Sephiroth and Cloud
Time: 10:03 P.M. [A.K.A. After Sephiroth's chat with Reno]
Content: Stupid questions are asked on Sephiroth's part, to which Cloud takes the opprotunity to fire back.

(19:30:52) Cloud: *sarcastic* Glad I can give you entertainment.Collapse )
1st-Jan-2007 02:48 pm - [PRIVATE] To Sloth
I think we need to have a chat.

1st-Jan-2007 11:19 am - Fly for Me Shooting Star
Characters: Hart and Reno
Time: Simultaneous with the Shinra Chatroom
Content: Upset, Hart contacts Reno privately...

XHartlessTurk: ...I'm not sure what he wants, Reno.Collapse )
1st-Jan-2007 10:55 am - Corperation Blues ~Turk Remix~
In Reno We Trust
Characters: Rufus, Tseng, Elena, Hart, and Reno
Time: Shortly after Reno's conversation with Sephiroth
Content: ShinRa discusses what should be done about their new problem.

…Entering chatroom “ShinraCorperation”…Collapse )
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