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31st-Dec-2006 10:04 pm - The Animals Roar at the Sun
Characters: Sephiroth and Reno
Time: After Reno got pissed enough to talk to Sephiroth
Content: Reno starts strong... Sephiroth is... Sephiroth. Many snide comments.

sharpgogglesman: That's Reno, by the way.Collapse )
31st-Dec-2006 04:35 pm - Hollowing, the Bastion
Character(s): Sephiroth, Hart
Time: After Hart's recent journal entry most likely
Content: The bitter verbal/emotional onslaught continues...and things get worse.

'You enjoy fighting, don't you?'Collapse )
29th-Dec-2006 12:18 am - TO: Whom It May Concern (ATTN: TSENG)
To my dearest, most wonderful cousin in the whole wide world Whom It May Concern:

TSENG!!! WHAT IN GAIA'S NAME IS TAKING YOU SO LONG??? How are you? I hope you're doing well, dearest cousin. I haven't seen you since you rode the helicopter off into the distance -- without me in a while. Thank you for not bothering about informing me of the whereabouts of the President, our fellow colleagues, or yourself. It was an extremely considerate measure on your part, cousin.

As for why I bothered straining my dainty little fingers over this message, I feel it is imperative that you STOP BRUSHING THOSE PRETTY DARK TRESSES OF YOURS AND GET THE COPTERS HERE NOW! the President will inform you where "here" is return to Gaia immediately. As you may not know, all is not well this side of Hell. I can only do so much given my present situation and the...circumstances in which I currently find myself.

Tse-Tse, I'm asking you as your little cousin to please put the brush down and just get here. I'll comb it for you after you arrive, even!!! I am more important than your tresses, aren't I?. If not for me, surely you will return for your paycheck, cologne, maybe a spare suit Gaia. I know you aren't a quitter and I know you're happy to have your tresses at their present length, yes? We wouldn't want a repeat of LAST time, now would we?. I have faith in you and your ability to pick up on the intense sarcasm in this letter.

I'll do my very best to hold the fort down here and in Edge, Tse-Tse. I'm not sure how how much paperwork you'll have to tend to after I sort things out over the .networK. So many people involved...so many pages I will add if you don't get your scrawny arse back here ASAP...

PLEASE put the brush down NOW Hurry back, Tse-Tse.

I look forward to your expedient return.

With love from your sweet little cousin,

<3 Hart <3

PS: If you hurry, there's a chance you may not get coal for Christmas! I'm not completely heartless, Tse-Tse.

PSS: Yes, I still expect you to put in a good word so I can get that raise.
28th-Dec-2006 11:19 pm - [PRIVATE] ..Thicker Than Water...
Character(s): Axel, Roxas
Time: After the events at The World That Never Was
Content: The friends update each other on...well, everything, and discuss what to do next. [NOTE: P R I V A T E]

'...do you have any idea how hard it is to refuse you?'Collapse )
28th-Dec-2006 10:11 pm - Heart - t o - Heart
Character(s): Hart & Reno
Time: Some time after Hart and Sephiroth had their little chat
Content: They have a chat about events pertaining to Sephiroth, but it winds up becoming a heart to heart before spinning off into the traditional Turk...ness. [NOTE: PRIVATE - open to Turks, Rufus, AND Cloud ONLY]

'Stop thinking about it.'Collapse )
28th-Dec-2006 09:01 pm - Plans
Characters: Leon and Seifer
Time: The morning after Seifer's b-day party.
Content: Seifer apologizes for what happened earlier, and talk quickly turns to Ultimecia.

So we were just fighting an alternate Ultimecia?Collapse )
28th-Dec-2006 01:36 pm - Happy Birthday!!
Characters: Seifer, Kairi, Roxas, Leon, and Quistis
Time: On Seifer's 21st b-day. ((Which was technically the 22nd according to Squeenix, but this chat was done last night))
Content: The ex-knight gets a birthday surprise. Lots of randomness, fluff, and a renewal of an old rivalry.

At least you're back to your normal selfCollapse )
26th-Dec-2006 11:07 pm - [Private] Matters of the Heart
Characters: Larxene and Marluxia
Time: After Larxene's.....meeting with Axel
Content: The duo argue, true feelings are expressed, and then they plot to take down their enemies. This is a private chat: no other character can know of it.

This is only the beginningCollapse )
26th-Dec-2006 09:09 pm - [PRIVATE] Bring on the Downfall
Bird&#39;s Eye
Characters: Hart and Cloud
Time: Immediately after Hart's conversation with Sephiroth
Content: Who ever said shy angst-balls couldn't be good for comfort? Or plotting the great demise of tyrants, for that matter. PRIVATE.</i>

Of the Shaken and the ImmortalCollapse )
26th-Dec-2006 07:19 pm - [PRIVATE] Hello, Common Ground
Character(s): Hart, Cloud
Time: During both Cloud AND Hart’s conversations with Sephiroth
Content: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. PRIVATE conversation.

‘...I think we need to talk.’Collapse )
26th-Dec-2006 04:03 pm - A Little Sunshine on a Dark Day
Characters: Quistis and Reeve
Time: After Quistis and Axel broke up
Content: Quistis originally decides to bail on Reeve after what happened with Axel, but then decides the polite thing to do is to stay.

You know....talking with you has helped a bitCollapse )
26th-Dec-2006 12:53 pm - TURK vs. SOLDIER
Character(s): Hart and Sephiroth
Time: After Hart's last conversation with Yuffie/Rufus/Reno/all
Content: Sephiroth starts..something. Hart...fights. Like hell.

'Other than removing your genitalia? Nothing.'Collapse )
21st-Dec-2006 01:49 pm - OOC: TEST ROUND 2
Testing tags... again.
21st-Dec-2006 02:47 pm - OOC: TESTING
Ignore this post, just testing tags.

Edit: Tags should now work for all members.

Thanks <3
19th-Dec-2006 11:40 pm - You're Never Too Old For Teddy Bears
Love sick
Characters: Yuffie and Demyx
Time: After Yuffie's conversation with Hart
Content: Discussions about Sloth, Hart, and some cuteness. Demyx also seems to have matured a bit with all the events that are going on.

Now I'm not sure I trust that grinCollapse )
19th-Dec-2006 10:57 pm - Your jokes suck.
Characters: Rufus and Hart
Time: After Hart talks to Reno the second time, and inbetween Hart's chat with Yuffie.
Content: They chat inanely, Hart makes a slip up, Rufus promises blackmail videos, and they just generally snark at each other.

And calling Tseng Tse-tse isn't absurd?Collapse )
19th-Dec-2006 05:38 pm - Diplomacy At Its Best
Character(s): Hart, Yuffie
Time: Some time after Hart's last (2nd) conversation with Reno; after Demyx says he can wait to inform Yuffie and Sora *of what a certain Heartless said*
Content: Hart and Yuffie meet, find some common ground, and make a few agreements, as well as tour plans

.....Are you Wutaian?Collapse )
19th-Dec-2006 04:58 pm - From Flame to Ashes....
Characters: Axel and Quistis
Time: Right after the Axel/Larxene chat
Content: The two discuss the strain the above incident has put on their relationship, and eventually decide to cool it down a bit.
Note: This is PRIVATE.  Only Axel and Quistis will know what happened here...no other characters!!!!  However, the muns are free to read on.

Don't let the Darkness steal your smile away, sunshineCollapse )
19th-Dec-2006 01:06 am - Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair
Characters: Larxene and Axel
Time: Immediately after Larxene called him out in The World That Never Was
Content: The enemies have a chat that quickly makes a 180 into unexplored territory between the two. No pants were harmed in the making of this chat.

We wouldn't want to do anything we'd regret, now would we?Collapse )
17th-Dec-2006 10:58 pm - Heat of the Moment
Characters: Hart and Reno
Time: After Hart spoke with Sephiroth
Content: Oh these two kids..

UnlockCollapse )
17th-Dec-2006 04:08 pm - Blessed Reassurance~
Character(s): Axel & Quistis
Time: Before Axel arrives at The World That Never Was; after Quistis arrives at Edge and meets Cloud, Aerith, and talks with Reeve
Content: Axel and Quistis discuss how things are going and when they'll see each other next. Aww...

chainwhiphottie: Axel?Collapse )
16th-Dec-2006 08:45 pm - Mis - Matched
Character(s): Hart and Sephiroth
Time: Sometime after Hart speaks with Cloud
Content: Hart receives a mysterious IM from a mysterious psychopath stranger who apparently is a fan of mind games…

xOnexWingedx: Oh, well what do we have here?Collapse )
14th-Dec-2006 09:40 pm - SOLDIER: The Ties that Bind Us...
Characters: Hart and Cloud
Time: Sometime during/between Hart's talk with Reno and Rufus which has yet to be posted; after Cloud arrives in Edge
Content: Hart makes Cloud's acquaintance. Both are surprised to find one another familiar, even though they've never met. The two stumble upon an interesting theory pertaining to a missing link which explains their kindredness of spirits, but...well, the whole thing is awkward.

...Is this real, or not?Collapse )
14th-Dec-2006 06:17 pm - Not So Simple, Not So Clean..
Characters: Hart & Reno
Time: Sometime after Hart wakes up on Wutai *Island*; after Reno finds Marina, but a bit before ShinRa personnel leave The Pride Lands
Content: Hart instant messages a random person Reno in her search for the whereabouts/information of Rufus Shinra and the other Turks. A very 'interesting' conversation Turk-brand insanity ensues.
Warning: Do not indulge in a beverage of any kind while reading. Thank you.

XHartlessTurk: Excuse me.Collapse )
10th-Dec-2006 07:54 pm(no subject)
Holding on
Characters: Quistis and Reeve
Time: [After Lizbeth stopped being Axel] A while after Quistis's last conversation with Axel.
Content: While looking for Cloud on the internet, Quistis makes a new friend. :D

That sounds very familiar...!Collapse )
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