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Searchs and Snide Comments 
1st-Jan-2007 09:40 pm
Sword at Hand
Characters: Sephiroth and Cloud
Time: 10:03 P.M. [A.K.A. After Sephiroth's chat with Reno]
Content: Stupid questions are asked on Sephiroth's part, to which Cloud takes the opprotunity to fire back.

(19:20:17) Sephiroth: Hello, Cloud. *says rather placidly*
(19:20:38) Cloud: Sephiroth.
(19:21:33) Sephiroth: Hm, yes. Now which world could you possibly be in now?
(19:22:07) Cloud: I don't know, Sephiroth, where am I?
(19:22:57) Sephiroth: *sighs* I'll find you.
(19:23:42) Sephiroth: I know Mother is looking for you.
(19:24:22) Cloud: Is that so?
(19:25:15) Sephiroth: Naturally.
(19:25:38) Sephiroth: Or do you doubt my ability to find you, still?
(19:25:46) Sephiroth: It's actually rather easy, Cloud.
(19:25:55) Cloud: Oh, no, I know you can find me.
(19:26:07) Cloud: I've figure that out by now.
(19:26:15) Sephiroth: ((XD))
(19:26:19) Cloud: I just don't see the point of making it easier for you, is all.
(19:26:45) Sephiroth: Oh? I'm glad to see you're actually making it worth my while to search, then.
(19:28:22) Cloud: Is that all you wanted, Sephiroth, or am I free to end this conversation?
(19:30:20) Sephiroth: *dismissive hand wave* You can be rather boring sometimes, Cloud. *turns to leave* Although, I do look forward to hunting you down again.
(19:30:52) Cloud: *sarcastic* Glad I can give you entertainment.
2nd-Jan-2007 03:36 am (UTC) - OOC
*dies a little at the Content and points out the OOC on my part of the IC chat* XD
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