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Fight the Fighter 
2nd-Jan-2007 10:41 pm
Characters: Leon and Ultimecia
Time: After Ultimecia appeared in Balamb
Content: Leon is given a "lovely" greeting from an old friend.

(22:06:42) krazyqueenofhell: Hello again, SeeD.
(22:06:50) notcalledsquall: ...
(22:06:53) notcalledsquall: Ultimecia.
(22:07:01) krazyqueenofhell: Congratulations.
(22:07:08) notcalledsquall: I don't need your condolences.
(22:07:34) krazyqueenofhell: What makes you think I gave you any?
(22:08:07) notcalledsquall: I meant your congratulations.
(22:08:33) krazyqueenofhell: It's called sarcasm, my dear SeeD.
(22:08:44) notcalledsquall: I've heard of it
(22:08:55) krazyqueenofhell: Now, how do you think I'm talking to you now.
(22:09:55) krazyqueenofhell: I'll give you a hint....it's not through your worthless friend.
(22:11:17) notcalledsquall: ...
(22:11:22) notcalledsquall: Don't take me for an idiot, Ultimecia.
(22:12:04) krazyqueenofhell: I already have.
(22:12:13) krazyqueenofhell: Hear that? *alarms go off*
(22:12:37) notcalledsquall: ...
(22:13:02) krazyqueenofhell: You'll find quite a surprise when you figure what's behind that...
(22:13:30) notcalledsquall: ... Where exactly are you, Ultimecia?
(22:14:25) krazyqueenofhell: Do you really think I'll give away the surprise?
(22:15:00) krazyqueenofhell: Well, since you need the help....here's a hint: It is far closer than you would ever wish me to be.
(22:15:40) notcalledsquall: How did you set off the alarms here?
(22:16:11) krazyqueenofhell: Once again, you'll have to find that out yourself?
(22:16:50) notcalledsquall: ...
(22:16:51) notcalledsquall: Whatever.
(22:18:40) krazyqueenofhell: Don't take too long.....the surprise might be worse if you do.
(22:18:56) notcalledsquall: Worse?
(22:19:34) krazyqueenofhell: Come on...do you really think I'll reveal so much.
(22:20:01) notcalledsquall: ... Not exactly, no. You haven't exactly hinted at that in the past.
(22:20:29) krazyqueenofhell: So, SeeD......is my former knight still alive?
(22:20:42) notcalledsquall: Seifer is perfectly fine.
(22:21:36) krazyqueenofhell: Oh really...I wonder if you'll be still singing the same tune later. I would very much like to see him soon...and his....'girl.'
(22:21:54) krazyqueenofhell: Oh, speaking of that pathetic fallacy called love........how is Rinoa doing?
(22:22:03) notcalledsquall: ...
(22:22:09) notcalledsquall: Everything is fine.
(22:23:20) krazyqueenofhell: I wouldn't be so sure.
(22:23:36) notcalledsquall: You hate SeeD. Why should I believe what you say?
(22:27:23) krazyqueenofhell: *suddenly, she got a hold of both his wrists via her sorceress powers and twisted them painfully, though not enought to break them* You show me the proper respect, boy.
(22:28:39) notcalledsquall: *a sharp intake of breath as he doubles over, pulling his arms close to his body*
(22:29:08) krazyqueenofhell: *pulls arms outward, still twisting but not breaking* Is that a bow to your queen?
(22:32:07) notcalledsquall: Ultimecia! *hisses in pain as he attempts to pull his arms back
(22:35:34) krazyqueenofhell: *smirking, she send a spell that was the equivalent of a sharp, hard kick to tha abdomen, then releases him* Play-time's over. Now you have to find me.
(22:36:13) notcalledsquall: *grunts and stumbles backward, clutching his stomach*
(22:36:14) notcalledsquall: ...
(22:36:30) notcalledsquall: ... What do you... want here, Ultimecia?
(22:38:07) krazyqueenofhell: Oh, too many things......*fades away(
(22:39:00) notcalledsquall: *look of surprise flickers across his face before falling into a brooding and calculating look*
(22:39:01) notcalledsquall: ...

3rd-Jan-2007 11:44 am (UTC)
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