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REPLAY: I Promise! 
5th-Jan-2007 08:31 pm
Characters: Roxas and Namine
Time: Prior to Pride's arrival in the Prison of Worlds
Content: Namine contacts Roxas via network after arriving in Kingdom Hearts. Cuteness ensues as does irony.

(20:07:33) thruglass: Roxas?
(20:07:41) OnceMoreXIII: ... Namine?!
(20:07:45) OnceMoreXIII: Namine, are you okay?!
(20:07:51) thruglass: ...
(20:07:56) thruglass: I... guess so.
(20:07:59) thruglass: Riku's hurt.
(20:08:04) thruglass: And I don't know where we are.
(20:08:07) thruglass: I...
(20:08:12) OnceMoreXIII: Wait, you're with Riku now?
(20:08:17 thruglass: I think we're in Kingdom Hearts.
(20:08:22) thruglass: I was...
(20:08:29) OnceMoreXIII: ... If you saw Riku you were...
(20:08:31) OnceMoreXIII: ... but was?
(20:08:32) thruglass: I don't know for how long I'll be on.
(20:08:41) OnceMoreXIII: Why?
(20:08:44) thruglass: I can't let him see that I still have my journal.
(20:08:54) thruglass: Roxas... I'm scared.
(20:09:03) thruglass: He said that the king needs me for something.
(20:09:07) thruglass: I don't know what to do.
(20:09:10) OnceMoreXIII: Him?
(20:09:11) OnceMoreXIII: Xeryim?!
(20:09:13) OnceMoreXIII: He's there?!
(20:09:23) thruglass: I'm not sure if that's his name.
(20:09:32) thruglass: Does he look like Riku?
(20:09:34) thruglass: He said he's a Sepsinian... or something like that.
(20:09:37) thruglass: No...
(20:09:40) thruglass: But the one before...
(20:09:43) thruglass: I thought he was you!
(20:09:56) OnceMoreXIII: ... That was Xeryim.
(20:10:02) OnceMoreXIII: ... Namine...
(20:10:04) OnceMoreXIII: I'm...
(20:10:08) OnceMoreXIII: I'm sorry!
(20:10:14) OnceMoreXIII: I broke my promise and left you alone!
(20:10:18) OnceMoreXIII: That's the only reason Xeryim got to you!
(20:11:17) thruglass has logged out

(20:14:37) thruglass has logged in
(20:14:47) OnceMoreXIII: ... Namine?
(20:14:52) OnceMoreXIII: Namine, are you there?!
(20:14:58) thruglass: ...
(20:14:00) thruglass: I'm here.
(20:14:03) thruglass: I'm Roxas.
(20:14:05) thruglass: Sorry...
(20:14:12) thruglass: I thought someone was coming and I hid the journal.
(20:14:15) thruglass: Where are you?
(20:14:28) OnceMoreXIII: ... That's what happened with Greed's journal...
(20:14:31) thruglass: Everything's so strange here, and I don't know what else has happened to Riku.
(20:14:42) thruglass: What do you mean?
(20:14:45) OnceMoreXIII: I'm in Wutai, another world, but Riku's hurt?
(20:14:50) thruglass: Yes.
(20:14:51) OnceMoreXIII: Oh...
(20:14:54) OnceMoreXIII: Well...
(20:15:12) thruglass: I don't know what he did... but when I left him, he looked like he needed help. He was hurting all over.
(20:15:24) OnceMoreXIII: Earlier, he borrowed Greed's, the Heartless that looks like Marluxia, journal to communicate. I spoke with Xeryim and he said he broke it.
(20:15:40) OnceMoreXIII: I should've guessed more would happen...
(20:17:13) thruglass: ...
(20:17:15) thruglass: Roxas...?
(20:17:19) thruglass: How far is Wutai?
(20:17:39) thruglass: I'm sorry I'm such a burden to you... but I don't like it here anymore. I... I don't feel safe.
(20:17:55) OnceMoreXIII: It's not a burden!
(20:17:58) OnceMoreXIII: Don't worry!
(20:18:02) OnceMoreXIII: Sora and I are coming to get you!
(20:18:11) OnceMoreXIII: You just stay safe, alright?
(20:18:25) thruglass: I will...
(20:18:28) thruglass: Roxas...
(20:18:32) thruglass: I don't know what they want me to do.
(20:18:38) thruglass: But I don't want to help them.
(20:19:35) OnceMoreXIII: Help them?
(20:19:48) OnceMoreXIII: Oh that's right... Xeryim said the King wanted you for something...
(20:20:00) OnceMoreXIII: Be careful, alright? That's how they got Riku...
(20:22:44) thruglass: I will.
(20:22:46) thruglass: ...
(20:22:48) thruglass: And Roxas.
(20:22:53) thruglass: I miss you.
(20:23:05) OnceMoreXIII: ... I miss you too...
(20:23:14) OnceMoreXIII: I... want to be there to help you...
(20:23:27) thruglass: Get here soon... please...
(20:23:32) thruglass: I have to... to go.
(20:23:36) thruglass: I think someone's coming
(20:23:42) OnceMoreXIII: Hide the journal!
(20:23:48) OnceMoreXIII: Be careful and stay with Riku, okay?
(20:23:50) OnceMoreXIII: He'll help!
(20:23:58) OnceMoreXIII: I will come to get you as soon as I can!
(20:26:03) OnceMoreXIII: Namine! Remember what I said before? I won't leave you! I'll come back for you! I promise!
(20:26:26) thruglass: I know you will!
(20:26:53) thruglass has logged out

19th-Jan-2007 08:00 am (UTC)
How quaint. The Nobodies are carrying on their own little romance while the rest of the world writhes in chaos.

Well little puppet, you won't last, and neither will your dear little puppet-girlfriend.

You can be sure of that.
20th-Jan-2007 04:44 am (UTC)

How many times have I told you to stop calling me that but now you talk about Namine?! I've had enough!

And what makes you so sure that we won't stop you now? Do you honestly think I'm going to run into Kingdom Hearts without a plan?
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